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How to create a new entry for Rechnerlexikon.de

- go to www.rechnerlexikon.de

- click on the tab labeled “English” at the left side of the window

- click on “Log in” at the very top of the window on the right

- if you already have a username, enter it along with your password and click the “Log in” button

- if you do not yet have a username, you will need to choose a name and a password, then enter the password twice, and your e-mail address and click the “Create new account” button

- once you have logged in, you will now see a box on the left side that is labeled “Create article”, and below that is a selection for "Upload file". You will need to upload any photos for your article before you create the new article. Just click on "Upload file" and then browse for the location of the file on your computer, enter a brief summary and click upload.

- In the "Create article" box, “Artikeltyp” is a drop-down menu for the classification of the article you intend to contribute (note that Fachbegriff=Technical Term, Anleitung=Instruction Manual, Werbung=Advertisement, sonstiges=other)

- Enter a title for your article in the “Titel” box, then click on the “Go” button

- Enter text in the window provided. To include a photo, you will have to have previously uploaded a file. Click on the icon at the top that looks like an envelope with a gear in it - this will place some text in the window between square brackets. Replace the "Testbild.jpg" with the name of your uploaded photo, in this case MonroePC1421and580.jpg


- Once you have entered the text and pictures of your page, click on the “Save page” button at the bottom of the screen.

Nach dem Urheberrechtsgesetz dürfen Sie Inhalte des Rechnerlexikons ohne Veränderung zitieren, sofern Sie die Quelle angeben.