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ABA to Addiator Perplex
Addiator Piccolo to Addo-X Anleitung
Addo-X M 242 E.S 131 to Amsler
Amsler Momentenplanimeter to Arithmetician Calculator
Arithmeum 1999 to Babbage 1834b
Babbage 1838 to Bauschinger/Peters 1936
Bauschinger/Peters 1958 to Blelock, George H.
Blind to Brother
Brother 208 to Brunsviga Nova II
Brunsviga Nova IV a to Calculator (Hong Kong)
Calculator (Japan) to Clairaut Material
Clark 1904 to Cordt Material
Cordt Record (Schieber) to Delagrive 1810
Delambre/Borda 1800 to Direct-II
Direct-L to Dwight 1941
Dyck 1892 to Esacta 1150
Esersky, Theodor, von to Facta AE 1-9
Facta FE-10 CX to Follador 1838
Foote 1998 to Gauss/Gobbin 1968b
Gauss/Gobbin 1971 to Gietermaker 1660
Gietermaker 1671 to Griffin 1843
Grimme, Natalis u. Co. to Hamann 500
Hamann 505 to Herring Computing Machine
Hersteller to Hütte 1935
Hutton, Charles to Jahn 1844
Jakobson Material to Kingson Pocket Calculator
Kirja 1 to Kottmann, August
Kottmann 1942 to Lalande 1818b
Lalande 1824 to Leipälä 2006/I
Leipälä 2006/II to Logarithmen Anonym 1750
Logarithmen Anonym 1752 to Malassis Material
Malerei to Mechanical Accountant
Mechanical Accountant H to Merzbach 1977
Mesnier Material to Monroe Material
Monroe Octal Calculator to Multi Regnemaskinen
Multo to Nisa K 2
Nisa K 5 to Odhner 227
Odhner 229 to Olivetti Tetractys 24 CR
Olympia to Papierführung
Papierführungsschiene to Patente aus den USA 1920
Patente aus den USA 1921 to Patente aus Deutschland 1810 bis 1819
Patente aus Deutschland 1870 bis 1879 to Peters 1939a
Peters 1940c to Prasse 1837
Prasse 1840 to Pruvost Baguettes Calculatrices
Pruvost Le Guay to Rechenmaschinen im Büro
Rechenmaschinen in der Malerei to Reese 2017
Reese 2018/1 to Rexor
Rex 1884 to Ropp 1887
Rosser 1864 to Sander Material
Sang 1859 to Schneider Zeus
Schnell-Rechner to Schumacher 1845
Schumacher 1846 to Sigma Material
Signal to Stampfer 1860
Stampfer 1870 to Summax
Summa (Mayer) to Thales B
Thales C to Treutlein
Treves 1911 to Uhler 1951
Ultra to Veag 1840a
Veeder-Root Material to Victor 70-85-4
Victor 70-85-54 to W-Accurator
W-Calculator to Weiss 2008.3
Weiss 2008.4 to Willers 1943
Willers 1949 to Zahlensymbol
Zahlensystem to Zylinderstift